Enka Center

  • $175,000/ac - $450,000/ac
  • Property Type:

Multiple tracts of land on Sand Hill Road are for available for sale:


Lot 1:

  • Tract is behind the Enka Community Credit Union
  • Up to approximately 5.5 acres
  • $300,000/acre


Lot 2:

  • Tract is in between Bonar and Smith Dray Line
  • Up to approx. 25 acres
  • Frontage: $300,000/acre
  • Back Acreage: $175,000/acre


Lot 3:

  • Tract is located at the end of Sardis Road
  • Up to approx. 3 acres
  • $350,000/acre


Lot 4:

  • Tract is located near the corner of Enka Lake Road
  • Up to approx. 2 acres
  • $450,000/acre


All prices include rough grading

Price:$175,000/ac - $450,000/ac
Address:Sand Hill Road
Zip Code:28715

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